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See on - Life @ Work

The problem confronts you each morning, like a squalling baby that must be fed NOW. It’s your email inbox, loaded with capital letters and exclamation marks and missives marked “URGENT.” Unlike with that baby, however, you’ll need to ignore even some of the most hysterically worded if you want to stay gainfully employed.
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See on - Life @ Work

Repeat after me: you should never, ever use email to communicate a major status change to your employees. Or to put it another way, don’t ever even think about terminating anyone via email.
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Via - Life @ Work

When you clock out of work, do you leave your email behind as well? If so, you’re definitely in the minority.
A recent survey of 543 business execs by ad agency Gyro and Forbes Insights found 98% of such workers check email during their “off” time.